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Sarah and Pete     7/11/2016    
Sierra Madre CA

Brandy, Eve & Alicia - I wanted to highlight some stellar employees and mention how they've been a great asset to your team, from our perspective:

Sally (Kitchen):
Sally's a valuable employee and I feel ensured that Mom will receive the appropriate foods to better her health. I appreciate Sally because she pays attention to details and understands my mom's dietary needs/requests well. When I speak with her, she takes pride and has excellence in the work that she does. She double checks to make sure that the kitchen staff is preparing appropriate foods before the plate hits the table. There was one time when the kitchen was about to serve a vegetable dish that wasn't suitable for my mom's ability to chew it and sent it back to the kitchen to be remedied and provided the kitchen staff with the education they needed.
Sally also ensures that mom's fruit tray is fully stocked with a variety of fruits per dietary plan and whenever she's on shift, where I've seen it run low with one item such as fruit cocktail on other days.
Thanks Alicia and to your kitchen staff for preparing nutritious meals for our Mom.

Matt (Activities Coordinator):
He was one of the first staffers to greet and meet us during our initial tour and had impressed us then with his genuineness. After working with him and observing how he interacts with our mom and other residents, Matt is truly one of the most caring Caregivers and seeks to cater every activity to the best of his ability, within the limits of the program, to meet the individualized needs of each resident. I truly see how he's intentionally seeks activities to best improve my mom and other resident's functioning and well-being.
Matt is a good communicator and knows how important it is to follow through on correspondence and/or requests in a timely manner. He always gets back to us when we have a question. He offers updates on my Mom's well-being and latest activities, even when not prompted by us.
Matt is truly a keeper, I think he ought to get a raise for all that he manages and for what he brings to the level of Haven care.

Marina (CM): Since her assignment with our mom and per your management's decision to assign a consistent CM to our mom, we feel more at peace with Mom's continuity of care for the morning shifts while Marina is on board. Marina is a great CM. She's a great communicator and a safe caregiver. She knows my mom's needs and her habits, and pays attention to her dietary needs, and thus is able to care for her effectively. Marina, just like Matt, offers updates on my Mom's well-being, even when not prompted by us.
Thank you for assigning Marina to our Mom. Most importantly, I believe mom is safe in Marina's care.

Chris (CM): I wanted to highlight how even though Chris isn't assigned to my mom, he is super helpful and responsive as a CM. Little things like immediately retrieving paper towels when their kitchen paper towel rack is out when my hands are wet from washing my hands in the activities room or grabbing a plush seat cushion when I had mentioned that I'm in need of one for my mom. He checks in verbally with how things are going and asks if I'm/we're in need of something. He's a keeper.

Sabrina (Activities Assistant): Sabrina does it all. I've seen her switch gears to caring for the residents during breakfast times and keeping the residents engaged and safe during activities. I'm impressed with her versatility of care and her creative skills to help make the Haven neighborhood inviting and the residents feel special with her artistic/creative skills. She's always will to help to pitch in whenever there's a need.

Sarah (+ Peter)

Louise S     7/5/2016    
Sierra Madre CA

Dear Brandy,

I wanted to just thank the staff at Kensington for the loving, attentive care they have provided my mother. It has been hard live far away. However, since my mom has been a resident at Kensington, my worry has almost disappeared. Every care manager has provided my mom with patient and kind service, on a consistent basis. The staff is positive and highly qualified.

In addition, the support I have received as a family member has been huge. When my mom had to stay in the hospital, the Kensington staff went out of their way to make me feel at home (such as welcoming me in the dining room for meals). The emotional support I received during this challenging time was greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Jill M     9/8/2015    
Daughter of TJ...

Hi Steve,
We met briefly one weekend last month when you were in Sierra Madre and my dad T.J. and I were touring/enjoying lunch at the Kensington. You joined us briefly at our table and shared your story. At that point dad had already decided he had found his new home. It started the previous evening when we stopped in on our way to dinner Friday night. Most everyone from the leadership team had already gone home but fortunately Janine was available to take us on tour. When we left that evening dad said he had found his new home. We were all smiles and had warm hearts. He now fondly refers to Janine as Cinderella, and she calls my dad T.J. her prince! The weekend extravaganza continued and we met with Brandy the following day. It felt more like old home week and a family reunion vs. the usual sales pitch to join the community. I felt compelled to write to you and let you know what an amazing first week my father (and my family) have experienced since dad joined your Kensington family!

First off, let me share that I am now able to sleep at night knowing that my dad is in loving, compassionate, capable care. He too finally slept and was able to eat after many months of GI distress and insomnia due to his prior community environment. I'd like to try and name everyone and provide a brief story but want to be sure that I provide kudos to everyone at the Kensington Sierra Madre as I obviously don't see the many heroes behind the scenes/off hours but feel and see the obvious difference they make for my dad each day (my husband and dad's doctor are amazed)!

In Recognition of:
Brandy (and Forrest)- My dad loves animals, and was so excited when he looked at the packet Janine provided and saw Forrest dressed in his red, white, and blues for July! Prior to us coming over I had texted Brandy that my dad loves dogs and can't wait to meet Forrest. She shared that Forrest was at home with his dad. I told dad he'd meet Forrest the next time. When we arrived later on that Saturday morning, we were greeted by Brandy at the door with Forrest in stride. I looked at her and she winked and said that she had called her boyfriend so that he could bring Forrest over to greet T.J.! That was another WOW moment and since that time Brandy has continued to exceed our expectations. I text her often as a new family member of the Kensington and she always replies with a timely smile. She sends me pies of dad when I'm not there and on the day of signing papers with Beth, came in and shared a video of my shy father, soon to be resident, up learning the hula! She calms any concerns, is an amazing woman, grace under fire, etc. Kudos on recruiting a phenomenal leader.

Janine- Need I say more, dad has a huge crush on Janine and looks forward to seeing Cinderella on the first floor as often as possible. Her smiles and hugs abound. I know that as dad ages in place there will be a wonderful new home for him upstairs when the time comes. It's a joy to see the Havens and Connections residents and caregivers during big events. What an incredible difference as compared to other memory "care" communities.

Sherry and Yolanda are great first faces and provide true concierge level of service upon entering the Kensington. Yolanda was at the desk when we entered that first Friday evening and I feel blessed that she went out of her way to find Janine so that we received an amazing first impression. She's been a joy and extremely pleasant each time I visit dad.

Lastly, I need to do a shout out for your culinary services team and in particular Greg! One of my dad's biggest gripes in the past was not only the food, but service he received. From the moment we walked into the Kensington and toured, dad ran into Greg, who introduced himself, explained his role, and said he'd make sure my dad received whatever he desired. That promise rang true on our first lunch. Before we even signed papers, Greg was getting to know my dad and his likes/dislikes. Greg shared his story on how he inherited his passion for senior living from his mother. He's an extremely courteous, respectful, and efficient young man. He makes everyone feel important by calling them "boss". The food without exception has been excellent and my dad has been extremely satisfied.

The Kensington Sierra Madre is a family of angels. I'm not sure if you remember my dad commenting to you how he loved your credo, which he noticed upon entering that Friday night as we parked near the "bus". We definitely feel like family and we certainly feel loved. Congratulations on the creation of an amazing resident and family experience and thank you from the bottom of my collective families' hearts!

Jill M

Joyce B     8/22/2015    
Daughter of Philip G...

I am writing to tell you how how grateful I am that my father's first week and a half has been so wonderful.

Although everyone was sincere and warm right from our first visit and I had taken that as a good sign, I figured a lot of that was sales-oriented. In our first few days I learned that was not just a show for prospective residents, but the day-to-day reality. In a week and a half spending several hours a day at the Kensington Sierra Madre, I have not encountered a single person working there who was anything but professional, friendly, competent, respectful, and responsive. The cleaning staff are cheery and chatty and sweet. The care managers have been universally amazing. The concierge is always so professional and efficient! The people organizing the activities are fun and friendly. There are very, very few businesses you come across in which every person at every level seems to be enjoying their work, know exactly what they are doing, and are respectful to everyone - and manage all that without seeming to be fake or "canned." I applaud whoever did the hiring! I visited 10 other facilities in the San Gabriel Valley and I only came across one other with staff seeming as well-chosen as The Kensington.

I braced myself for the move to the Kensington and was terrified that my dad, who has been the knockout winner of the Most Allergic To Change award for the last 50 years, would be derailed by it. It went so well I could not believe it! My dad, who also has won the Most Stingy With Compliments award for the past 50 years, also very easily says he "really likes it" at the Kensington. I almost fell off my chair when I heard that on day 4 or so. And he is still saying it!

Everyone has been great but I particularly want to compliment the Care Managers in Connections. It would be impossible to call out just one or two of them when they have been so universally impressive. I would like to call out one person by name - Leandra. Leandra has impressed me so much. She really has it all. She has the theoretical/professional knowledge as well as the heart and soul for what she does. She is so respectful of all the residents and understands each one of them deeply, I have come to understand. She "gets" the Connections residents and seems to be genuinely delighted by every one of them in a real, genuine way. She is never condescending, always appropriate, always accepting, razor sharp. She not only chooses great activities but leads them brilliantly and charmingly and is fun and engaging to residents who aren't necessarily easy to engage. I don't really know how she does it but I think she really has a gift. She also seems to love her job! She has been, I think, a very big part of how well it has gone for my father this past 11 days and I feel a lot of gratitude to her for that.

Thank You Most Sincerely.

P.S. Also forgot to mention how sweet everyone has been to our son!

Richard & Sheila D     5/2/2015    
Son of Anna D...

Dear Brandy,
We recently visited my mother, Ann Danna, who is a resident at The Kensington. We wanted to see for ourselves the level of care giving she was receiving and the caliber of the staff.

Both my wife and I were very impressed with the facility and the employees. All of the employees we came in contact with were kind and caring to my mother and the other residents. The staff made us feel welcome and comfortable.
Although we met most of the Care Managers and Directors we would like to compliment the people with whom we had the most direct contact. A special thanks to Cindy, Janelle, Emily, Christina and Frances-Care Managers in Connections. Also, we want to acknowledge Director Matt Anderson, who has a very special talent interacting with the residents and truly cares for their well-being. He also interfaces well with family and friends of the residents.

In addition we were treated to excellent meals prepared by Kieran Harrington, Director of Dining Services . He always extended a warm welcome to us and made sure we were happy with the meals. The servers were very professional , but also friendly and down to earth. A special shout-out to our servers, JoJo, Andy and Charlotte who made us feel at home.

Please know that we cannot mention everyone, but Kudos to the entire staff, nurses and directors, who in our estimation, are excellent. We felt comfortable in the homelike atmosphere and returned to our home in Northern California confident with the knowledge my mother is being well cared for.

A Sincere Thank You to Everyone!

Julie & Seth G     4/22/2015    
Daughter of Edith...

I know we regularly share how incredible our experience with The Kensington has been, and IS. I just simply must further express praise and gratitude for your remarkable staff! From the small assistances to the urgent to the ultra personal, every member of your staff offers genuine care, full of tenderness and efficiency. Edith is receiving warm, focused attention of the sort that heals wounds of self. I have watched her relaxing into the relief of no longer having to try to be so fiercely independent. It was so stressful for her. She couldn't have embraced this level of support without the loving concern, patience, joy and sheer grace of each of you.

Caring for my mother who suffered with Alzheimer's, we had other experiences. it is wonderful to be in a place of human service, where there is evidence that the staff is treated as humanely and warmly as you are expected to engage with others. A place where there is a sense of everyone being a team, including the families and community. A place where you very clearly have paid attention to the processes of aging, and thought it all through, guided by compassion and respect. Sadly this is not the case everywhere, as I am sure you know.

Thank you for the care with which you surround Edie! Thank you for your building of relationships with us, for your support, for the peace you give us in providing the safety and support which allows Edie to maintain her sense of independence, so central to her sense of self. We all feel at home among you.

With Love, Julie and Seth

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