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Mid-to Late-Stage Alzheimer's and Dementia Care at The Kensington


Haven is a soothing and peaceful neighborhood for residents with the middle to late stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia and designed for residents who are showing more advanced signs of memory loss. Haven residents need a higher level of assistance and care, so our goal is to maximize comfort, minimize agitation and soothe compassionately. We strive to offer residents opportunities to become involved in ways that are meaningful.

The Haven Resident


  • Is in the middle to late stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • May be experiencing difficulty recognizing families and friends, organizing thoughts and managing the activities of daily living
  • May require assistance to maintain appearance and good hygiene and manage incontinence
  • May wander and become agitated in late afternoon/early evening due to sundowning
The Haven Neighborhood


  • Fully secured environment to maximize safety
  • Wander management technology to monitor resident whereabouts
  • Cozy and intimate living spaces that enable residents to wander safely and freely
  • Kitchen filled with the happy sounds and smells of home such as bread baking, music, laughter, soft voices to soothe and please the senses
  • Pets welcome to provide unconditional love
  • Lots of natural light to create a cheerful environment
  • Fully secured outdoor terrace
  • Adaptive design features (painted walls and doors, motion sensors, specially designed carpet, memory boxes) to help with recognition and confusion


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Monthly Activities Highlights:

Every Tuesday & Thursday - Exercise with Genesis at 10am
Every Monday & Friday - Balance Yoga with Mya at 9:30am
JUNE 6 – Visit the El Monte Airport
JUNE 8 - Audio Society - Live 70’s & 80’s Music
JUNE 10 - DAR Meeting in our Art Gallery at 9am
JUNE 13 - Lacy Park Picnic
JUNE 14 - How to Have Parkinson’s
JUNE 15 - Adventures with Doug
JUNE 18 - Father’s Day Steakhouse Dinner & Belly Dancers
JUNE 20 - Lunch at the Arboretum

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